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So. Life is busy lately, which is good. I was hoping that I wouldn't…

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So. Life is busy lately, which is good. I was hoping that I wouldn't have sooo much down time that I felt increasingly lonely, and thank God it hasn't really been that way. Sure, I miss everyone. Immensely. But I don't dwell on it as much as I thought I might because there's always something to get done.

I've managed to unpack a ton of my clothes, dresses, coats, socks, etc. and placed everything in/on its respective closet, drawer, or shelf. My books are about halfway done (I still need to buy another bookshelf or two! lol). The cable is connected, I'm paying my bills in a pseudo-timely fashion, I've taken the trash out (and need to take some boxes down today from kitchen stuff that I've purchased), and I've done at least 5 hours of homework since Wednesday. I also interviewed and found a job at a local Arthur Murray dance studio, and I'm extremely excited about that. He's starting me out as a Specialist, which I don't really mind since I think it'll be beneficial to start at the bottom and learn the Arthur Murray way of doing things as I go along. Sure, back-end dancing is much more "fun," but I know how much it benefited me at Richard and Lyn's studio to learn as I went along and observed all the company policies and such, and I'm sure it'll be the same way here. It's awesome that he's willing to work around my class schedule, and I got to meet a few of the people from that club while I was there the other day, the office manager and one of the instructors, and they were both very friendly, so I'm hoping for the best as far as this is concerned.

I was talking to Nick the other night, and he said, "I don't know if *you're* more excited to be working at a dance studio again or if *I'm* more excited about you working at a dance studio again." I think he just loves the idea of us dancing together...and while I train at Arthur Murray, it'll help me to improve my level of dancing and gain some more professional experience while he continues to do the same at Studio West.

In other news...ahm...I hope that my other textbook comes in at the university bookstore soon, 'cause I've got a ton of reading to do in that one as well (at least it's not in Middle English!!!). I'm also supposed to go shopping with Mike later today at the Smithhaven Mall, which is quite a trek for me, but it'll be worth it to see him and get to hang out with a friend for a little while this weekend.

Hm...I haven't got a whole lot else to say right now, just that I miss everyone but have also found myself insanely busier than I'd expected and anticipated. I'm so thankful to God that things are going well so far!
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