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First day of classes, and already I've got homework. Lots of it.

I have to read multiple chapters for my Contemporary Life Writing class, and the book's not even in at the bookstore yet, so I can't get started on it. :-/ I reserved a copy, though, and should get a call when they come in (hopefully soon!). For Chaucer and His Contemporaries (which supposedly won't include any actual readings of Chaucer...), I have to read The Cloud of Unknowing in the original Middle English and write a 3-5 page paper on it.

Actually...why am I typing this? I've got homework to get started on!

I'm feeling:
nerdy nerdy
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1. What's the color of the soap in your bathroom?
white and green

2. Do you like cola?
only Coca Cola, and only if it's flat

3. What's the 15th contact in your phone?
the Bozmans

4. Are you on IM right now?
just the MySpace IM

5. Whats your opinion on Alvin & the Chipmunks?
love 'em at Christmas! lol

6. Ever said the n-word to a black person?

7. What're you doing tomorrow around 10:00 a.m.?
driving to my new apartment to move things in after dropping Nick off at the airport

8. Do you like writing in cursive or print, better?
print unless I'm feeling especially girly

9. Favorite reality TV Show?
I don't watch any of them

10. What's the most annoying noise in the world?
the sound of a dying giraffe lol

11. Do the speakers on your computer work?
yes :D

12. Have you ever written in wet cement?
no. that'd be cool, though

13. Ever worn your underwear backwards?
hahaha I almost did that the other day!

16. Favorite Jelly Bean flavor?
cherry, usually

17. Ever shopped for shoes online?
kinda. but not fully, 'cause I like to try shoes on...unless it's a pair I've bought before, like dance shoes, and I need to reorder

18. How are your grades?
good. let's hope it stays that way once I start grad school!

19. What's always on your mind?
family, goals, Nick, a couple of friends, literature, my random thoughts and prayers, etc.

20. Don't you just HATE George Bush.
I don't really *hate* anyone...

21. Do you follow your horoscope religiously?

22. How often do you go running?
so rarely that it doesn't count. I only run when I'm playing tag with Nick or when it's raining and I'm crossing a parking lot or something

23. Are you thirsty?
nah, I've got a cup of coffee just to the left of me

24. Ever played Grand Theft Auto?
I don't think so

25. Do you like the person you copied this survey from?
don't know her all that well, to be honest

26. Do you get an allowance?
hahaha of course not

27. Are you a bitch...be truthful.
occasionally, yes

28. 50 Cent shows up at your door, what do you say?
I probably wouldn't recognize him unless I heard him rapping lol

29. Last time you killed a bug?
don't remember. I usually ask someone else to do it.

30. Where's your Dad work?
not sure

31. Where is your pet?
don't have one

32. Favorite childhood game?
dress up, school, tag, manhunt, kickball...I don't remember all of them

34. When's the last time you had a slurpee?
I had a mock-Slurpee from Turkey Hill with Steph last week

35. Do you look through your old yearbooks a lot?
nah, just occasionally when I come across them

36. What are you dreading right now?
distance...well, I'm not really dreading it, I'm just not looking forward to it

37. Have you ever painted a room in your house?
when I was three or so

38. Keeping any secrets right now?

39. What CD's in your stereo right now?
Hanson's The Walk and Brand New's Deja Entendu

40. Who comments you the most?
probably Mike or Steph

41. Is your car dirty?
usually lol

42. Ever witnessed a hit & run?

43. What do you do when your bored at school?
doodle, write poetry, fill out crossword puzzles

44. What's the last household object you broke?
ahm...a coffee mug while unpacking in my apartment

45. Does whatever happen in Vegas... really stay in Vegas?
depends on who you go with! (I know that one from experience lol)

46. Ever been to a football game?
don't think so

47. What's your most played band in iTunes?
Hanson, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Billy Joel, Alanis Morissette

48. Old ladies...?
have a very distinctive odor to them

49. What's your best friend's mom's name?
depends on which friend...

50. When's the last time you looked in the dictionary?
not recently. I was given a $400 dictionary as a going-away present, but I'm not opening it until I'm moved and settled in and all
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I'm sick. There's pressure in my head, my neck and body constantly ache, my throat hurts, and I'm running a fever. Sudafed is one of my favorite inventions lately. Being home sick has allowed me to catch up on a few missed episodes of Lost, though; I've been behind on all my shows by about eight episodes each since I'm not home half as often as I used to be. I caught up on House last week, now it's Lost, then Heroes if I have the time.

Life is good lately; I've got so much to look forward to:

* going to Josh and Lauren's wedding with Nick (I made him promise not to show them up on the dance floor until *after* their official "first dance")
* Aunt Vicky's family coming out to visit in two weeks
* Barbara Rocco's annual dance recital and seeing everyone from there again (it's been FAR too long)
* the Ellis family coming out to visit for a weekend
* Europe!!!
* the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
* the rest of the summer
* school starting!

So, yeah. Things are busy, but in a wonderful way, really. Except...well, the only thing I'm not looking forward to is being so far from the Poconos come fall. Who would have thought that I'd ever say that? But there are a few very special people here, and I hate the thought of being a hundred or so miles away from them. :( Oh, well, I'll cope with that when I come to it. I'm trying not to detach myself from everyone too early and to enjoy the time that I've got left here. But I'll miss them so much.
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Wow. I woke up on Saturday morning at around 8:30 and haven't slept more than 9 hours since then (it's now after 11 on Monday night). I'm utterly exhausted, yet somehow still awake. 63 hours, and I've only slept for 9 of them. I must be insane.

Aunt Vicky and Danny got married Saturday -- am I supposed to call him Uncle Danny now? I forgot to ask...Anyway. The wedding was pretty awesome. It was great to see the entire family again, and to have drinks and dance with my mom, my brother, and all my cousins (and my grandpa! he danced with me, too, which was the highlight of my evening).

I've got so much more to type, but I seriously need sleep. Like, now.

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Wow. I think I'm actually going to miss this place when I leave. I've got some pretty amazing friends, I've somehow managed to form some incredible memories, and I'm starting to fit in a strange way. I know that this isn't where I'm meant to be long-term, but my leaving is definitely going to be bittersweet.

Tonight was pretty good, by the way. Three bars, dancing on the sidewalk of Crystal Street to music blaring out of the windows of a PT Cruiser, and a heart-to-heart with one of my best friends. It's gonna be so tough to leave all of this behind.

As much as I'm looking forward to the future, it's so hard to prepare myself to let go of the past.

I'm feeling:
sad sad
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Just when I thought it was spring...it's cold again. :-/

Work's been insanely busy lately, with lots of rehearsals and choreographing routines for students and things like that. We're part of the Chamber of Commerce, so the local Red Robin that's opening soon gave us a free meal. Lyn didn't want it and gave it to Jenna, so she and her Nick are going, and she invited me and the other Nick (from work), so the four of us will have a free lunch tomorrow! Granted, it's for training purposes, so it will probably take a little longer than usual, but still, it's free.

I'm still adjusting to the fact that I'm no longer with Dave. I mean, it was my decision and I've seen it coming and all, but it's so weird to return to being single. Just knowing that I'm unattached...in some ways it's liberating, but in others it's pretty damn lonely. I'm not regretting my decision; I'm just getting impatient for God to bring the right guy into my life.

I can't end this on such a somber note...hm...what to write about? Oh, I know! I'm reading one of the greatest books of my life at the moment: American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I bought it at a used bookstore in New Orleans for four bucks, and it was so immensely worth it. Although...reading this book makes me never want to write again because I know that I can never hope to measure up to the greatness that is Neil Gaiman. He's *that* good. It's bad, though, 'cause I read at work during my downtime, and I started laughing out loud the other day. Then yesterday I read a passage that took me by surprise, and I gasped, my facial expression one of complete shock. I think that Nick thinks I'm crazy, 'cause he was nearby when I did it...but then again, they all think I'm crazy, anyway, so it's all right, I guess.

And on that note...I rented Clerks 2 since I've been in the mood to watch it lately. I think I'm going to watch either that or last night's Lost episode, which I haven't viewed yet. Or maybe Heroes, or that series Black Donnellys (which I've taped for weeks but still haven't seen the first episode). I love having a DVR! :P
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I broke up with him. Over the phone. Not because I wanted to do it that way, but because we're 120 miles apart. And he hung up on me.

I feel terrible, and relieved, and unsure, and sorry, and...okay.

I know that this was the right decision, but it still hurts. Tomorrow should be better. I just hope it doesn't rain, because my spirits are desperately in need of a sunny day.

It lasted a year...and ended like this. :-/

I'm feeling:
crappy crappy
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This has been a day of ups and downs. It was the last day of our studio's trip to New Orleans, a trip that went exceptionally well and caused me to fall head-over-heels in love with the French Quarter. While waiting in the airport (our flight was delayed), I got a phone call from Ricciardi ensuring me that my grad-school-application letters of recommendation had been sent in.

So far, this is all fantastically reassuring, is it not?

Imagine my shock at finding out that the most influential professor of my undergraduate career is suffering from an incurable, rare and exotic form of cancer. He was so calm about it on the phone, but I was devastated. While I had him on the phone (not knowing when or if we'd have the opportunity to speak again), I told him how much everything that he had shared in the classroom had inspired me. I told him that he was the reason that I'm going back to school and doing what I'm doing. I tried to hide from my students the fact that tears were streaming down my face as he said, "Well, it's students like you who make it easy for me to do what I do."

And then I arrived home to check my e-mail and find Hofstra's course schedule for this fall in my inbox. Now I'm reading all of the course descriptions, remembering the last time that I was in a classroom (under his tutelage), and crying. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but the impending loss of yet another of my mentors (after losing the first-and-foremost) is just hitting me much harder than I'd expected. I hate being this sad.
* * *
I got in to Hofstra University!!! I'll admit that Hofstra wasn't my first choice, second to NYU (from whom I haven't heard yet), but it was an *extremely* close second. Come September, I'll be living in Nassau County, which is all kinds of exciting. I'm not sure yet how much longer I'll be at my current job; I resigned two days ago and offered to work as long as my bosses want me to stay (through June). I'm just not sure yet what their decision was.

School starts in September, so this will be my last summer of semi-freedom with no course load and intersession classes and stuff like that. To take advantage of that, Kev and I are going to backpack through Europe for the month of July. We start in Dublin, then head to London, then will check out Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam before heading home. I got my Hostelling International membership card today and am insanely excited. Backpacking through Europe was on my list of things to do before I die, but I didn't think it would be happening this soon (the trip, I mean, not my death).

Anyway. I'm going to Long Island today, so I've gotta go pack and take a quick shower. I'm just...so happy/blessed/grateful that I've got so much to look forward to.

Oh, yeah, and also...Brand New added another tour date in Pennsylvania! This one wasn't sold out, so I got tickets. And it's on my birthday. :)
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I left work at 11:20 or so last night (technically, I get off at 10) because we were working on some new choreography for our staff's pro show. Tonight we ended up leaving at 10:45. Even though I enjoy it, I'm insanely exhausted from dancing so much lately. Plus, I kept thinking that today was Friday, but it's not. I still have two more days of work before Sunday, my one full day off. It's my own fault for putting in more and more hours, I guess.

In other news...well, I haven't got a whole lot to say. It's *much* colder here lately, but there's not been any snow to speak of. I'm sure the local ski resorts aren't thrilled about that, but my car and its rear wheel drive are loving the precipitation-free days!

And on that note...I'm going to read a little bit. I've gotta get my butt in gear if I'm going to read fifty books this year!

I'm feeling:
drained drained
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