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Okay. So. I'm delaying my venture into the outdoors because it's been…

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Okay. So. I'm delaying my venture into the outdoors because it's been raining all day and the puddles are up to my ankles in some places and my feet have only just dried from being outside this afternoon. I've gotta go grocery shopping in a little while, but I'll type this up first.

Life's good lately, just busy. I'm managing to still love school, even as they pile the work on us, and will actually be increasing my course load for the next couple of semesters. I figured out that, if I take an extra class next semester and an extra class in the fall, I can graduate a semester early. Whoo-hoo! Sure, I'll probably want to kill myself for the better part of the next year, but I'm hoping that it'll be worth it. My advisor gave me the go-ahead today, so it's good to have some support in it.

Nick's coming out to visit tonight. (!!!) Needless to say, I'm very excited about that. I love having him here. It's partially because I'm very much in love with him and always look forward to seeing him, but it's also because it's nice to have company here. I'm still working on the whole "friends-in-Nassau-County thing," so he's the only person that ever visits me, and I really appreciate it. It makes this empty apartment more bearable for a while.

Hm...what else have I been up to? Not much, just keeping up with homework. I've gotta finish a "short paper" (6 pages) for Wednesday, along with finally making my way through the final passus of Piers Plowman. Next semester is going to be hell. Wish me luck!
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